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Hello. I’m Tom. I’m one of millions of people all over the world sitting at desks in offices watching the seconds, minutes and hours pass on clocks, waiting for whatever configuration of big and little hands indicates it’s time to go home.

And just like millions of those millions of people, I’m waiting for this not because it means I can go home and use whatever combination of food, drink and media I may have to hand to numb the pain of the daily grind, but because it means I can go home and start working all over again. For myself. On creative projects that enhance my personal and professional life. Because I know that I shouldn’t allow myself to be defined by the things I have to do – that I’m told to do – but by the things I want to do – the things I choose to do.

The things we choose to do, the things that connect us to who we know we are and to what we know we want to do – must do – can either complement other areas or our lives, or become, eventually, our sole focus. It depends on who you are and how you want to live.

The Five to Nine is part chronicle of my journey to make my creative late night treats my bread and butter, part resource for anyone seeking to create or change the balance in personal and professional activities in their life, whether it be in a creative field or not

The Five to Nine is a miscellany of my exploration and interrogation of creative practice and a diary of my own thoughts and feelings, representing the combination of the totality of my academic, professional and personal experience and expertise applied both interdisciplinarily and transdisciplinarily in the creation, development and maintenance of a lifelong relationship with the creative industries from which I can create a rewarding portfolio career and in which I can find personal fulfilment.

Through what appears on The Five to Nine, I would hope to encourage and celebrate a collaborative, rather than competitive, approach to personal and professional development, especially within the creative industries, and to challenge contemporary perspectives on the value and worth assigned to creativity and its place in design and production.

As part of The Five to Nine, I’m eager to hear from anyone and everyone in similar situations – and even those who aren’t but have an opinion to share – at any stage of their journey, be it staring at the clock hoping for a better life or standing on a stage professing that you’re the best you could ever be at what you do. So, if you have something to say, get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by.

I also have a personal blog, and I am a co-founder of Croshare and The Portsmouth and Southsea Consortium.