Areas of Interest

When I discuss my areas of interest – those that may influence content on The Five to Nine – I refer principally to topics across which I’ve come throughout my academic and professional experience.

The below list is by no means exhaustive and doesn’t preclude the possibility of other content, both related and unrelated to those topics listed, from appearing on The Five to Nine; it will no doubt evolve as The Five to Nine does.

Academic study of craft(s) and creativityHistorical study of craft and design
Attribution in contemporary creative practiceIndependent craft and design businesses
Community in craftInnovation and research in creative practices
Contemporary creative practiceInterdisciplinarity in creative practice
Craft and/or design as art practiceIntergenerational skills transfer in crafts
Craft and/or design in educationIntersections of art/craft/design
Craft and/or design in healthcareIntersections of art/craft/design and gender/queerness
Craft and/or design in social enterpriseKnitting (hand and machine)
Craft blogging/journalism/writingPoliticised practice of craft(s)
Crafting economyPublic practice of craft(s)
CrochetPublishing practice (print vs online)
Cultured practice of craft(s)Queering of craft, creative practice and design
Currency of handmade items vs manufactured itemsSelf-publishing in crafts and design
Enterprise and entrepreneurship in the creative industriesSewing (hand and machine)
Fashion and crafts/design/creative practiceSexual and non-sexual fetish and creative practice
Feminism and crafts/design/creative practiceSexuality and creative practice
Flow Theory and craftSocial media and craft(s) and/or design
Gender performance and creative practiceSocial practice of craft(s)
Gendered practice of craft(s)Transdisciplinarity in creative practice
Historical creative practiceTransnationalism and craft(s)/creative practice