Broadcast and Editorial

I welcome the opportunity to speak about my work on The Five to Nine or on matters connected with any of my areas of interest. If you are looking for a contribution to, for example, a radio or television programme, or online video or podcast, and believe I may be suitable for your needs, I encourage you to get in touch to discuss engaging my services.

Likewise, I encourage you to get in touch if you believe that my writing style on The Five to Nine would suit your online or print publication; I welcome the opportunity to write in connection with my work on The Five to Nine or my areas of interest. You may also with to enquire about my experience in editing and publishing, in case I may be able to be of use to you in one of these capacities.

If you would like to express your interest in engaging my services, please contact me through the Work with The Five to Nine page.

Some previous experience…

  • iMake, contributing writer
  • noProblem Magazine (defunct), contributing writer
  • Not So Granny, contributing writer
  • Pillow Magazine, contributing writer
  • Pugwash News (now The Galleon), columnist and Comment and Opinion section editor
  • Pure FM: Co-host of Steph and Tom’s Sexy Time (relationships and lifestyle discussion programme); our interview with a trans woman about her experiences was nominated for the 2009 Best Interview award at the Student Radio Awards
  • Solent Life, contributing writer