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September 2017 calendar

Metablog – September 2017

The other day, I had a(nother) kind of epiphany about my relationship with creativity and creative practice. I’d just finished MacGyver-ing a washing line in my living room, and was returning a ball of twine to a box I keep under my bed. The box also contains a load of old half-finished crochet projects, and I was suddenly struck by the realisation that I’d not worked on any of them because I’d wanted to; I had, in fact, worked on them because other people had put the ideas for them in my head and urged me to do something with them.

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August 2017 calendar

Metablog – August 2017

I thought August had brought with it a welcome return to being creative, as well as an overdue and very welcome spell of drier and hotter weather. You know, it was summer, after all. But, at the end of the month, I looked back on everything I’d done – primarily writing and sketching, and realised that I’d not, in fact, been creative. I’d not come up with anything new. I’d simply used these skills to describe, discuss and document various bits and pieces that had gone on around and to me.

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July 2017 calendar

Metablog – July 2017

With only a couple of weeks to until the end of August, it feels a little peculiar to write a metablog post talking about June and July – something I’ve felt before, when I used to write my metablog posts over on my personal blog, and used to get distracted or disillusioned, and left my writing until very late in the month. But, I’ll write – I’d feel worse than I do now if I didn’t get something down.

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May 2017 calendar

Metablog – May 2017

There comes a moment when you just have to recognise that things aren’t working out as you imagined they would. Typically, it’s a moment of awareness you experience ‘in the present’, to which you react and from which you move forward. I realised recently that I’d had such a moment back in late March/early April and that, due to various bits and pieces, I’d not been able to recognise it as such at the time. I experienced it ‘in the past’, as it were, and have found myself trying to ‘catch up with what this means for pretty much everything in terms of what I want to do creatively and professionally in my life’ for the last few weeks.

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March 2017 calendar

Metablog – March 2017

In February’s metablog post, I spoke about how I knew I was “capable of more than a ‘simple’ review of my previous month’s creative activities and ‘update’ posts for my collaborative efforts” and how I hoped I’d take “a step in the right direction in March”. Cutting a long story short, I didn’t manage it.

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February 2017 calendar

Metablog – February 2017

February was a bit of a damp month, both figuratively and literally. I found myself working only on bits and pieces; whilst I enjoy working on bits and pieces, I can’t say I enjoy having only worked on bits and pieces. I also enjoy both saying and typing ‘bits and pieces’.

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January 2017 calendar

Metablog – January 2017

Welcome to what I call the metablog. I started writing these posts on my personal blog to serve as a diary of sorts about my experiences writing it – hence the name. As the months went by, they became more of a general commentary on my creative activities and my creative processes as I was writing less often. I made the decision to move them to The Five to Nine as I started this project specifically to explore and interrogate creativity and creative practices – my own, as well as others’ – and so feel that these sit better here.

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